Is Pink Mamma an Influencer trap?

There have been many times when browsing Instagram when we see a location and immediately want to check it out. This happened before our honeymoon when we saw Villa Honegg in Switzerland and had to stay there (more on that later), but this also happened when we heard about Pink Mamma in downtown Paris.

When you see the perfectly blocked shots on Instagram, you tend to forget that another big part of the restaurant scene beyond what you see in photos is the experience. Pink Mamma has a unique atmosphere mixing the open kitchen concept with the authentic Italian feeling of sitting next to large open windows on a nice summer day.

What makes Pink Mamma special?

Many people are hoping to get a table at Pink Mamma, so the line to get in is quite long, even if you have reservations. Luckily once we were seated, the service was quite friendly and quick.

Not only do you have four floors of possible seating, but you also have tons of windows and skylights. This makes getting a bite to eat during daylight or “golden hour” a great experience.

What about the menu?

The menu offers many options, many of which are authentic dishes you could get somewhere in Italy. Delicious pasta and even soft and delicate Napoli-style pizza.

The beverages take a fun spin on existing drinks and flavors you love. Some of them are even served in hilarious cups and mugs. If you’re curious about what we got, keep reading!

Pink Mamma weird mug A unique and quirky mug that served the Mangooo Mule


We ordered a couple of different items when we visited. As a starter, we decided on the Don’t Bread My Heart, a delicious variation on the infamous and fan favorite Bruschetta. While the olive oil, tomatoes, and mozzarella were delicious, the bread tasted like day-old stale bread and was hard to cut through and chew - not the usual crunchy and delicious you tend to get with other bruschettas.

Pink Mamma weird mug Dont Bread My Heart - Pink Mamma’s fresh take on Bruschetta

Main Dish

Since we are not from Paris and won’t visit again soon, we decided to try a couple of dishes. One of the main dishes was the Porcquoi Pas?, pappardelle pasta with pork ragu, which was an absolute winner for us. It was full of flavor, and even though we don’t typically like the bite an al dente pasta gives, it actually added the perfect texture to the dish.

We also ordered the Dancing Queen pizza - a pie with a white base sauce, mozzarella, ricotta, ham, olives, mushrooms, and herbs. At first, we were hesitant about all the toppings on this pizza, but we realized that we made a great choice from the first bite. The pizza is a decent size but so light and fresh that it is easy to eat.

Pasta dish from Pink Mamma An al dente style pasta with a well-balanced, savory sauce

Dancing Queen pizza from Pink Mamma A flavorful and filling Napoli-style pizza

Due to their rotating menu, there is a chance these menu items may rotate off the menu at some point. Fortunately, it does seem like these dishes are staples on their menu right now, and you’ll be able to snag them on your visit!

How to make a reservation

Making a reservation at a place like Pink Mamma is not easy! Their reservations do not open until two weeks ahead of time, and they fill up quickly when they do open. Luckily, we could snag a reservation in time, knowing we wanted to visit. Unfortunately, the system does not fully translate to English, so if you do not speak French, you may need to use context clues to confirm your reservation.

To make a reservation, you can try doing so here.

Note: If you don't make a reservation, all hope might not be lost. Get there early and stand in the right line (literally the line to the right). With some patience, you will likely have a chance to get in!

Is it worth it?

This is a difficult question to answer. Pink Mamma offers decent service at a great location, and most of the dishes were delicious. However, because they have become a popular restaurant amongst Instagrammers, they are swamped and full of people hoping to capture photos “for the ‘gram.” This makes getting a reservation harder, and we did notice some loss of flavor for the sake of beauty when it came to the starter and the beverages.

The answer to “Is Pink Mamma worth it?” is based on what you are looking for! If you want: modern (yet authentic) Italian dishes in an aesthetically pleasing environment, the ability to fill your Instagram feed with beautiful food pics, and don’t mind a potentially long wait and decent (but not spectacular) service, we think you will find your visit to Pink Mamma worth it! However, if you don’t care about keeping up with the latest trends or pic-worthy dishes, this is not the place for you. After our visit, we were glad we went but decided it was unlikely we would go back to Pink Mamma if we returned to Paris.