Hey all! Thanks for stopping by our blog. We are a fun-loving, food craving, adventurous couple from Orlando, FL. As we began to travel and explore the world more, we realized that we enjoy sharing our experiences and giving advice to those curious enough to travel like us.

Our Story

We met for the first time at a pizza shop where our friends decided to meet up and hang out one night in February. Julia made some funny faces at Yon, and he offered to get everyone free water at the table. He was a broke college kid, after all. After agreeing to go out on a date, we wandered into a local theater known for playing some lovely indie films. However, this night they played a 3-hour-long German film about a man who tries to reconnect with his daughter by creating an alter ego for himself. Many years later, we still have a good laugh at that strange movie and the potent onion breath that Yon had after enjoying a salad.

Our Goal

We hope to write and share our experiences as we try new things and see new sights. We want to share our experiences as foreigners in new cities, locals in our hometown, and our thoughts and ideas on delicious foods.

We know you’ll find something you love on the blog!